Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Powder Bath Update & a Wallpaper Hunt

I recently shared that my parents are in the process of building a new home and have graciously allowed me to put my two cents in.  They are the best kind of clients (most of the time) in that they really trust me to guide them in the right direction in terms of design.  This past weekend we worked on finding the right elements for their new powder bath.  We found a beautiful chandelier on sale for $499 (marked down from $1500!):

{sorry for the poor quality, it was a quick iPhone pic.}

I love the antique feel of it.  The style makes me envision it being in a swanky hotel in New Orleans in the 1930s or something... don't you think?  We also found the perfect mirror.  It's a 19th century St. Louis Philippe mirror with gilt. Yum....

{their mirror is the one in the middle- found at Joyce Horn Antiques}

Since they decided to go with a simple porcelain pedestal sink.... we now are ready for the fun part:  Choosing the right wallpaper!  My parents agreed to quench my thirst for a metallic, but when I showed them this David Hicks print we recently used in a client's powder bath, they nixed it as "too busy."  I think it's heaven.  We'll agree to disagree:

So... now I am on the hunt for metallic wallpapers with a little less vibrancy of color and pattern.  Here are my favorites-

Schumacher's  Costa del Sol in color Champagne:

Or, in color mist:

Schumacher's Alcazaba in color Mist:

This Osborne & Little geometric pattern is a fun alternative to the David Hick's hexagon...

Donghia's Metallic Raffia would add a cool texture:

Kelly Wearstler's infamous trellis pattern would always be fun...

There are so many choices!  I need your help- which one do you like the most?  I am not quite sure we've found the perfect pattern just yet.... but here's a few photos in my inspiration file...




In other news, I am honored to be participating in Julip Made's series "If Bloggers Ruled the World" today.  Here's a little preview...

See the full post here!
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