Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Focal in the Foyer

Foyers are one of my favorite rooms to decorate, because they create an instant impact when you walk in to your home.  Whether it be a positive or negative impression, well that's a different story!  I think it's important to create a focal point that naturally draws the eye and can be functional.  Space permitting, a round table centered in the foyer creates movement and provides endless decor options.  It's a great place to display family photos, a large plant or floral arrangement, and throw down your keys/purse after a long day.

I love Joni's entryway table. Joni, of Cote de Texas, shows off her plentiful coffee table book collection, a large ginger jar, and a potted plant on her round table.

Kelly Wearstler's office entryway displays architectural accents and sculptural pieces, and compliments the patterned marble flooring:

I love the simplicity of this entryway.  Decorating the table top with 2 simple mossed plants works well with the natural materials and colors.

But... if I'm honest with myself, I have a bit of an editing problem.  I'd likely decorate my round table more like this- stacks of books all around the perimeter, with a hydrangea arrangement in the center, and a few extra tchotchkes:

Are you digging this look, too?  What's your favorite way to create a focal point in the foyer?


  1. I love the first foyer! I wish it was mine

  2. i am soosoo embarrasssed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! next to kelly wearstler? omg, sooo funny. it looks really ugly and i call myself a decorator? could have fooled me. i am howling with laughter at how bad it looks compared to everyone else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha. embarrassed!

  3. They can make such a great statement can't they?! These are great examples Sam :)

    Abbey x

  4. love love love this idea! wish i had a foyer to do this in! x

  5. Loving this idea! has me wishing my house had a foyer! xx

  6. Damn!! Do I ever love a foyer!!! Obsessed with these images my sweets!!

  7. This is gorgeous! Especially loving the painting on the stairs in that first image!


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