Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My 25th Birthday Wishlist

I am a little over a month away from turning the big 2-5!  So far, no quarter-life crisis has occurred.  I'll keep you posted, though- you never know what can happen. ;)
I've compiled a wish list of sorts... although I'm at that age where I just want to celebrate with friends and family, and am not so concerned with the material gifts....

Ok, who am I kidding? There's a few things I am coveting:

1. Blonde Lasagna Pink Fur Coat iPhone Case $42/2. Prada Safiano Lux Handbag $1960/3. Tory Burch Fox Cuff $198/4. Michael Kors Chronograph Watch $377.85/5. Kelly Wearstler "Rhapsody" $35/6. Habitually Chic's Creativity at Work $30.28/7. Juicy Velvour Robe $115/8. J Crew Macalister Booties $198/9. Tocca Isabella Candle $38

  The Blonde Lasagna is an Etsy shop that the lovely Christine of Bijou & Boheme introduced me too.  I love their iPhone 4 & 5 cases with original watercolor prints on them.  

The next 2 books on my list to acquire are Heather Clawson's (of Habitually Chic fame) Creativity at Work & Kelly Wearstler's new book, Rhapsody.  One of the very first blogs I started reading was Habitually Chic, and I'm so excited Heather developed a book of stylish work spaces.  I know it's going to be deliciousness on every page.  Same with Kelly's book. 

And who doesn't love a velour bubblegum robe?  Family members, I hope you're taking note. ;)

Happy Wednesday, lovelies!
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