Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday Moodboard

Happy Monday!   After a crazy weekend, I needed to see soft colors and rustic details today.  I chose to reflect soft blues, greens, and whites with black details:

{photos 1/2/3/4}

After seeing this kitchen on Houzz, I'm dreaming of green cabinetry with gold hardware.  To me, green+gold is such a luxe combination.  

Send me good vibes as I work up the courage to share a rather personal post later on this week.  I have been processing something for a few weeks and think I'm about ready to put it in to words.

In other news, I created a Peak of Très Chic Facebook page yesterday to keep my non-blogging friends up to speed on the latest.  I hope you will "like" it if you're on FB!  As I said yesterday, I promise not to be repetitive or clog your newsfeed.  

Have a fab day, friends!  I'll be back in a bit with some weekend snapshots.
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