Thursday, November 22, 2012

A {Thankful} Note from Me to You

Happy Thanksgiving, all! What a wonderful holiday: a time to reflect and give thanks for experience, friends, family, health, new beginnings, and more.  I value the holidays because it forces you to slow down and reflect.  In past holiday seasons, this hasn't always been a pleasant experience for my family- especially in years where close family members passed away.  Nevertheless, I think it is vital to slow down and find gratitude,
regardless of circumstance.  

And with that, I would like to say "thank you", to a community of people who brighten my day, encourage me, make me laugh, and continually challenge me to do better.  I am so grateful!  Sharing with you my thoughts, inspiration, and work on a daily basis is an intimate act, and I value it dearly.  

I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and valuable time with friends and family today.
Enjoy the turkey and don't think twice about having another slice of pumpkin pie.

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