Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Floral Obsession: Designer's Guild Orangerie

I officially have a new fabric crush: Orangerie by Designer's Guild:

The pattern of blooms including red tulips, pink and yellow roses, bold bits of blue wildflowers and even green grapes.  The color and whimsical feel has me head over heels.  It has a retro feel to it, making me feel like it belongs in a 70s shag pad just as much as it belongs in my home today.  I love it juxtaposed with leopard print, seen here in an office designed by Jenny of Little Green Notebook:

Jenny of MFAMB upholstered her daughter's headboard in the delicious fabric.  Again, I love it when mixed in with an array of pattern and color. 

Other pieces slathered in Orangerie:

And what's better than a new fabric crush?  Finding out the fabric is ALSO available in a wallpaper!  Chicago-based interior designer Summer Thorton has her office walls papered in Orangerie:

I need more of it in my life.  Stat.  Do you find it as endearing as me??
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