Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Birthday Wishlist 2.0

You know how you think there are a million things you'd love to have, and then someone asks you what you would like for your birthday, and you can't think of anything?  That's been happening to me lately.  Although I issued a birthday wishlist a few weeks back, I always get nervous about what to actually invest money in.  Of course there are always a few coffee table books I'd like, but when it comes to the bigger purchases that my loved ones make on my behalf (read: anything above $100 in my book)- I get squeamish.  So I decided to create another wishlist in the hopes of narrowing things down.  That was the plan, but then it turned in to "Sam's Dream Wishlist."  I mean, I can only hope to own a piece of Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry before I die.  Nevertheless, if you're feeling gifty, you know what I want:

Actually, I'm going to buy that necklace for myself this minute.  Holllla!

Did you enjoy Election Day yesterday?  I think I was nervous the entire day.  I hope it went the way you wanted. Happy Wednesday!
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