Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Planning a Restaurant Interior

I've realized I almost never talk about my interior design school work on my blog, so today I decided to change that!  In my Drafting II class this quarter, we are designing a restaurant.  The aesthetic, design scheme, floorplan, target market, menu, and architectural details are all part of the project, which is exciting.  Everything must fuse together seamlessly, down to the tiniest detail, as is true in most design projects.  Our required course reading is Restaurants That Work, which elaborates on the business behind opening a restaurant that will endure.  Here is my hand-drafted floor plan:
And here are a few seating elevations:

I really appreciate the fact that our professor is stressing the business aspect of opening a successful restuarant.  The ambiance, architecture, flow, and finishings all have a significant impact on a person's opinion of a restaurant, whether they realize it or not.  Building up goodwill with customers both through an attractive atmosphere and delicious food is imperative- and the failure to do so is the reason most new restuarants fail. 
My restaurant concept is upscale American cuisine.  The decor is a comfortable mix of modern with plenty of gold detailing and lucite.  In the waiting area, there will be 2 1950 Oasis Sofas designed by Edward Wormley with Vendome Triple Circa Lighting sconces above.   There will also be a few Kelly Wearstler Elliot chairs.  The bar area will have a Manhattan Calucutta Marble surface with lucite barstools and the classic Hicks pendant lighting scanning the entire 20' bar.  The general seating will continue the modern-esque feel with Kelly Wearstler Smoked Crackle Tables and Pamplona Chairs:
So whatdaya think? This is only the very early planning phase- banquette seating and other details still need to be considered and planned.  I am happy with the feel of it so far~ I think the vibe works well because the restaurant is planned to be inside a boutique hotel. 
I can't wait to see it all come together!  As I continue to update it I'll be sure and share the progress.
Happy Wednesday lovelies!!!
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