Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Luxe Bohemian Inspired Wedding Photoshoot

I ran across a wedding photo shoot that literally took my breath away.  The title of the shoot was "Luxe Bohemian Inspired Photoshoot", which is probably why I loved it so much.  I find myself just as drawn to boho influence as I am to elegance. I enjoy a trip to Anthropologie just as much as one to Saks Fifth Avenue.  It can be hard to marry the two very different aesthetics, but this photoshoot did so flawlessly:

The photoshoot introduced a jewelry vanity out of stacks of hay- the wedding party could pick jewelry out for pictures.  What a dream!

And now, for my favorite part, the tablescape and floral arrangements.  When you mix black, red, and fuscia, a bold color contrast is created that won't be forgotten.

The juxtaposition of glam details with a rustic barn setting creates a unique atmosphere that is beautiful without feeling stuffy.  Gone are the days when barn weddings meant cowboy boots and mason jars only.  I welcome the idea of an upscale barn wedding- one where the groom can wear a tux!  

What do you think of the details?  Do you (or did you) plan to mix up the aesthetic of your wedding, or are you more of a traditionalist?  Do tell!

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