Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Luxe Bohemian Inspired Wedding Photoshoot

I ran across a wedding photo shoot that literally took my breath away.  The title of the shoot was "Luxe Bohemian Inspired Photoshoot", which is probably why I loved it so much.  I find myself just as drawn to boho influence as I am to elegance. I enjoy a trip to Anthropologie just as much as one to Saks Fifth Avenue.  It can be hard to marry the two very different aesthetics, but this photoshoot did so flawlessly:

The photoshoot introduced a jewelry vanity out of stacks of hay- the wedding party could pick jewelry out for pictures.  What a dream!

And now, for my favorite part, the tablescape and floral arrangements.  When you mix black, red, and fuscia, a bold color contrast is created that won't be forgotten.

The juxtaposition of glam details with a rustic barn setting creates a unique atmosphere that is beautiful without feeling stuffy.  Gone are the days when barn weddings meant cowboy boots and mason jars only.  I welcome the idea of an upscale barn wedding- one where the groom can wear a tux!  

What do you think of the details?  Do you (or did you) plan to mix up the aesthetic of your wedding, or are you more of a traditionalist?  Do tell!


  1. cute pics; DD

    new post !@!


  2. Absolutely beautiful photos! I love the fashion, the flowers, the decor...everything is so very pretty!

  3. Love the hay bale vanity set up and the second from last photo- the contradiction in textures between the rough table and black lace. Fun to browse through these photos!

  4. Such amazing decor & the dresses are incredible!

  5. I'm definitely more of a traditionalist, but I would give anything to be a guest at such an amazing event! That jewelry collection is to die for. Some people are so stinkin creative!

  6. This is entirely amazing...I definitely didn't plan the aesthetic of my wedding, but looking at this, I kinda wish I had! It's so lovely...and you're so spot on, it's the perfect mix of boho and elegance! Sign me up for the bauble bar (c;

  7. That deep V dress...swoon.


  8. WOW! Gorgeous wedding! Love the rustic meets glamour! XO I have a J.Crew giveaway today on the blog! Still celebrating my 2nd blog anniversary! XO

  9. These pictures are so pretty! I love the idea of mixing rustic and glam elements together. Great post!

    xo Olivia

  10. This post is absolutely gorgeous! Love the unexpected mix of rustic and elegance! So many wonderful elements to love- the hay vanity, the bouquet, the photography and the beautiful couple. Are they are a real couple or models? Just wondering....

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    Have a good day!


  11. This is all so gorgeous! SMP comes up with the best styled wedding shoots!
    Lexi @ Glitter, Inc.


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