Monday, January 21, 2013

Needing, Wanting, Loving: Shagreen

Happy Monday!  Did you have a fab weekend?  I hope so!  As per usual, I spent mine hunting antique stores and furniture shops.  Shagreen-covered accessories and tables seem to be everywhere these days, and I can't get enough of them.  They have become my new favorite way to spice up an interior.  Did you know the material is the pebbly hide of a stingray or dogfish?  Today, we typically see faux-shagreen pieces. I love how the texture takes clean-lined and simple objects and imbues a sense of glamour in to them.

Due to its extreme durability, shagreen is often used on furniture.  I love this shagreen-covered desk:

There are an array of shagreen-covered trays out there.  I think a tray is a great way to add just a touch of the material to your decor.  I love this one and this one.  They add a little luxe to an everyday vignette:

Are you wanting (needing) shagreen as much as me?  If so, here are a few shagreen-covered pieces that I just love and I know you'll love, too:

1.) Shagreen Pillow Cover $90/2.) Zagliani Green Shagreen Faye Clutch $2,950/3.) Olivia Ivory Grey Shagreen End Table $1,099/4.) Shagreen Console with Nailhead Trim $2000/5.) Pink Shagreen iPhone Case $98/6.) Sergio Rossi Barbie Shagreen Ankle Booties $447.50/7.) Furbish Studio Shagreen Jewelry Box $150

That pink iPhone case is too much.  I adore it.  And I've had my eye on the Furbish jewelry box for months.  Which item is your favorite??


  1. The jewelry box is my fave. I am wondering if this is something you could get your hands on fairly easily for DIY applications. It would make an awesome IKEA hack.

  2. cute pics ;]]

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  3. You learn something new everyday...I had absolutely no idea what that stuff was called, but you're spot on, it's gorgeous!!! I totally adore it on furniture, a fun alternative to the snakeskin that's become so prevalent!

  4. oh gosh...I love them all! The look is so rich! the console table stole my heart!

  5. Beautiful! I've been seeing some of it here and there and really love the look!

  6. I hear ya sister! I've been wanting shagreen bedside tables for like ever. Imagine, they're like giant coasters! I love the ones you found on Veille+Frances... I love that shop.

  7. You scooped me! I planned a post on shagreen later this week! It a favorite of mine--great texture and so beautiful--happy Monday!

  8. I agree, Shagreen takes something from "nice" to FAB!! Great pieces you pulled together! xo

  9. The Martha Stewart line at Staples has fab shagreen accessories in green, white, and brown for not much $$$. It's great way to get a shagreen fix without a major cash outlay. I've outfitted my work desk with the green accessories, it makes me happy!


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