Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My Temporary Workspace

Happy Tuesday!!  There's so much to look forward to today, but first I wanted to share my latest little project.  While in the process of working on my home office, I needed a small workspace to blog/design/study from in the meantime.  Nothing special or elaborate, since I'll hopefully be utilizing the office sooner rather than later.  You may have seen my instagram photos from this past weekend when I found an antique upholstered King Louis chair for $395- in a fabric and color I loved!  I had to scoop it up.  For the time being, I paired it with this shagreen desk in my entryway for a convenient space to pay bills, blog, write notes, sort mail, and study:

The instagram version pales in comparison to my DSLR camera, but I thought I'd share it for an additional look:

What would a desk be without a little accessorizing?

I have a serious thing for mercury glass...

Nothing special, but it'll do for now!  

In other news, the fabulous Sally Wheat of Sally Wheat Interiors is hosting a tastemaker tag sale on One Kings Lane today.  You may remember I interviewed her in my "Design Diaries" series a few months ago.  Her sale is full of fab finds that represent her elegant, eclectic aesthetic.  Check it out here!

And lastly, the Valentine's Day issue of to & from magazine has launched!  The brain child of Meg Biram and Modern Eve, this online publication gives you all kinds of gift ideas for the upcoming holiday.  If you make it to the last page, you might even discover my favorite romantic movie! ;)  


  1. im in love with that chair - great find!

  2. It looks fabulous, that chair is perfect!

  3. That chair is gorgeous. So so pretty!!!

  4. love your desk and the chair!!! lucky girl! it is beautiful!

  5. I LOVE that chair. I think I could get a lot of work done in that thing!

    The Glossy Life

  6. Sam, I love the chair! You just CONFIRMED it's A-OK to get chairs redone in this fabric - it's a lovely fabric! I ordered samples to get two chairs reupholstered in this fabric...the color of the fabric says "amethyst." Is it more pink or lilac? Thanks!

    Love your desk vignette! Great find!

  7. great !!

    new post


  8. I love the shape of that desk, super chic and a Louis chair is the est!

  9. I absolutely adore the King Louis chair darling, so chic!

    Eda ♥

  10. I told you girl! That chair is the absolute most!

  11. Could you share where the chair is from? Did you get it reupholstered or did you buy it as is? It is so beautiful!

  12. Absolutely obsessed with that chair!

  13. i love the chair! its gorgeous.



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