Wednesday, February 27, 2013

One Room Challenge: Week 4

Pinch me.  How is it already Week 4 of the ORC? Time flies when you have none.  Am I right?  Don't get me wrong, I thrive in the realm of crazy!  We'll make it.

Today my office gets an inspiration board!  I've needed one forever.  I dedicated a whole post to wanting one here, over a year ago.  And.... it never happened, until now! To create mine, I simply took a linen fabric I liked and wrapped it over a cork board, then staple-gunned it in to place.  I have to keep my DIY's simple.  Remember my X-bench tutorial?  You know I love my staple gun.


A fun mix of fabric swatches, paint colors, quotes, and pictures that inspire me, this board is both functional and aesthetically-pleasing to me.  All of those samples up are being spec'd for current projects, and I like staring at a mojito while working.  The quote in the center of the board is actually a greeting card that says "I recommend vodka."  The smaller quote says, "I find inspiration everywhere I look.  It often comes when I think I see something and realize it's something else. It can come from a building, a bridge, an object or even a shadow."  And finally, a personal favorite, "Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten," said by Gucci.

Remember last week when I said I wanted to create a happy mess of objects and books for my desk and console decor?  I am well on my way...

I hope you like!  Happy Wednesday!

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