Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pattern Play with Sadie + Stella

Today we have the wonderful Lindsay Dress of Sadie + Stella fame sharing her take on an eclectic, patterned living room vignette.  Lindsay is a real-life best friend whom I initially connected with through the blogosphere (yes, true love can happen via the internet!)


Hi Peak of Très Chic lovers! I am Lindsay from Sadie + Stella Design. I am an insurance broker, a designer, a blogger, and real life friend to Sam. She is my ride or die chick. When she asked me to take the wheel while she was sunning and funning in Australia, I was peanut butter and jelly but put my envy aside to help a girl out. I adore Sam obviously... I mean who doesn't?

I have been going 250 mph lately but I have to say, once I came across this space, my unbelievable pace came to a screeching halt. Major pattern, texture, color, layers and overall amazing design aesthetic. Naturally, I gravitate towards patterned, collected and eclectic spaces so this look was an automatic "yes" for me. What is not to love? 

So true to form, I was desperate to recreate this look. I know that stacking and layering patterns is intimidating, but really it is a must. While I did reversals on some of these pattern schemes, it is easy to get the same look. 

See. That wasn't so bad. If you feel like getting pattern happy and crazy with me, make sure you come and play with me over at Sadie + Stella. Loves! 


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