Friday, May 17, 2013

All-Natural Decor


Although I am a non-meat eating, gun-fearing, cowboy boot-loathing girl, I've somehow grown to love living in Texas.  No, there aren't cowboys riding horses everywhere, but you can feel the good-natured hospitality of it all.   One thing I especially love is the rustic, natural elements often seen in decor.  From reclaimed elm wood, to horned magnifying glasses, to a plethora of antlers, fusing a sense of the outdoors in to your home isn't difficult to do here.  And it doesn't have to feel heavy or "lodge-like."  In fact, adding lighter woods or simple accent pieces like a geode can add freshness to a space.  And who doesn't need a rattan swinging chair for long summer afternoons on the porch?!

Shop This Board:

Serena & Lily Double-Hanging Rattan Chair $695/Faux Turquoise and Glitter Deer Head $129.99/Tibetan Goat Cushion $395/Geode Specimen $89.99/Sharpe Cheese Board $120/Air Plant Pod $6/Gabby Furniture Cassandra Side Table $448

Happy Weekend all!!  Thank you again for the continued "well wishes" and kind words.  I haven't come down from Cloud 9 quite yet. ;)
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