Thursday, May 16, 2013

Jonathan Adler at West Ave

A long-time fan of Jonathan Adler's, it surprises me more than anyone else that, until yesterday, I'd never set foot in one of his stores!  Lucky for me, yesterday afternoon I had some time to kill, so I popped in to the new Houston West Ave location.  I had to experience his "happy chic" aura for myself.  And let me tell you- the store did not disappoint.  It was sensory overload at it's best.  There were several vignettes decorating the showroom floor, full of Jonathan's signature pottery, needlepoint pillows, books and interesting art.

I fell in love with this Maxime shearskin chair.  The four teardrop cocktail tables facing in towards one another compliments it perfectly:

I have long been admiring this needlepoint pillow, and finally took it home with me.  Do you remember when the Canadian supermodel Linda Evangelista was quoted saying this?  Wow.  What a life!

Of course I wanted to leave with more than just a throw pillow, but I restrained myself!  Here are a few of my favorite things from Mr. Happy Chic himself:
Shop This Board:

Bond End Table $1,250/Cliff Bird Artwork $2,500/Pink and Silver Agate Coasters $125/Maxime Chair in Shearling $2,250/Prozac Jar $88/Bargello Worth Avenue Pillow $175/Woodhouse King Headboard $2,395

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