Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Built-Ins in the Bedroom

So I know we've all seen built-in shelving in living rooms and home libraries- that's kind of old news.  But what about built-ins in the master bedroom?  Good design should be functional and aesthetically pleasing, and built-in shelving in a bedroom provides ample extra storage and architectural appeal.  I love this wall of built-ins lined with sconces and flush cabinetry:

{Carey Mudford}

If I were to re-design my own bedroom with built-in shelving, I would include open shelving at the top to display tchotchkes and my favorite coffee table books, and a hidden cabinet at the bottom for storage:

If your master closet size is limited, and you don't have a full wall to construct built-ins, designing a corner cabinet to hold extra clothes, shoes, and handbags is a smart use of space:

Cabinetry and shelving isn't the only thing you can choose to build in.  In this room, the bedside tables are built-in to the wall and provide a unique bedside table:

{Pablo Paniagua}

The only downside here is you are limited in your furniture layout.  You could never really move your bed to a different spot in the room unless you didn't mind a random side table sticking out!

So what's your take?  Would built-in shelving be in your dream bedroom, or no?

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