Thursday, June 27, 2013

Classic Blue + White Design

One thing design blogging has confirmed for me over the past year and a half is my true aesthetic.  Most young designers my age prefer the brighter, bold interiors with lots of drama.  Maybe it's because I grew up surrounded by antiques in my mother's shops, or maybe I'm just an old soul- but I tend to gravitate more towards the classics.  As I recently mentioned in my ginger jar post, I have become enamored with blue and white for the home.  Even my Rose Creek project updates on Monday showed that! It's a timeless, calming palette.  One of my Houston design heroes, Pamela Pierce, seems to love this color combination as much as me:

Here are a few more blue + white classic spaces to fall in love with...

Although classic design with a coordinating, soft color palette is what I'm most drawn to, that doesn't mean I don't also appreciate more modern + colorful spaces, too!  You may remember my home office was very eclectic and colorful, which, admittedly, was a little out of my comfort zone.  Nonetheless, I loved the outcome!  What are you most drawn to, design-wise?


  1. this is a really nice colour combination. I normally don't like white furniture too much I find it hard to maintain and a bit bland but with a touch of colour it can look really nice.

  2. nice pics;DD

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  3. I love the blue and white combo. I think it's so serene and relaxing, and it looks nice and clean too! I love the striped wallpaper in that photo! And the first photo is gorgeous. Just how I would picture my home!


  4. i really like classic blue and white. but i add a few pops of pink to make it a little more fun!

  5. Born in the south too I have an appreciation for that soft neutral interior. The blue and white combo reminds me of my grandmother's home. Love the combo!

  6. I think I must be one of your older readers since I am happy to see blue and white making a comeback! It is definitely a classic and is versatile with other accent colors added for variety. I especially love blue and white mixed with warm wood tones. Thanks for your blog!

    1. Hey- thanks for reading! I'm glad you love the combo as much as me. It's timeless, that's for sure. :)

  7. Love it. Love the upholstered chairs at the dining table... Have a lovely day.
    xo Nancy

  8. The color combination is simple, yet elegant and timeless. I really love the look of the striped wall and the scalloped edged bedding. So beautiful!


What say you? I'm all ears.

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