Thursday, June 13, 2013

Needing, Wanting, Loving: A Ginger Jar Collection

My two favorite colors to use together in decor are blue and white. Calming, clean, and reminiscent of coastal life, they make a happy addition to any room.  It's no surprise then that I love a good grouping of ginger jars.  It creates such a pretty vignette!

You may remember that I recently posted about purchasing my first 2 ginger jars in Kansas City when I was visiting Lindsay.  I decided to display them right in my entryway:

Well... they just so happened to be perfect for my client's foyer and have been lovingly passed on.  That seems to happen a lot! So once again, I'm ginger jar-less!  It's okay, I'm happy to continue hunting for the perfect mix.  Found for the Home had a great variety when I visited their store here in Houston a few weeks ago.  Maybe this is where I'll begin my new collection?

Do you share my love of ginger jars??

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