Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bedside Table Study

I often get asked by friends and clients about bedside tables- do they need to match?  Can I get away with just one on one side?  What if my space is limited?  So today I thought I'd share my thoughts and advice on bedside design.  I personally love to see a bed framed with matching side tables/dressers.  The symmetry of it is pleasing to the eye.  Add wall-mounted sconces for a luxe alternative to table lamps:

Adding a bench at the end of the bed is another pretty framing device.  Ideally, one with a width of about 6" less than your bed width is best.

Symmetry is beautiful, but mis-matched bedside tables can add visual interest and uniqueness to a room:

Not in to bedside tables, or don't have the space for them?  Bedside chairs can do the trick!

If space is an issue, one bedside table is fine.  But to balance out the look, I'd put a tall fiddle leaf plant or even a pretty floor lamp on the other side of the bed. The ideal height of a bedside table is even with your mattress top, but going about 6" above is okay, too.  In fact, I personally prefer the height difference a bit.

What are your thoughts- what bedside look do you prefer?

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