Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wednesday Wallcoverings

Hi loves!  Today we are taking a momentary break from "Wedding Wednesday" and focusing instead on wall decor.  I am trying to pace out the wedding posts since I still have about 6 months before my big day!   I took inspiration for today's post from this gorgeous interior:

The collection of interesting art framed in a mix of black, brown, and white frames is stunning.  Placing the work up the entire wall gives the feeling of truly being in a gallery.  I also love the colors of the rug + the cozy corner seat.  This powder bath also utilized the entire wall space to display art:

If the random art arrangements shown above aren't your style (any OCD-ers out there?!), try using the same frame and matte to unify the look:

Placing them in a symmetrical arrangement (and using the principle of 3's!) also helps create a sense of stability:

What's your take on displaying art on your walls?  Do you like the organic feel of gallery walls like me, or do you prefer symmetry and simplicity?

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