Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Needing, Wanting, Loving: A Fur Collar

I can't stop talking about fur details.  A few weekends ago when I visited Lindsay in Kansas City, we went shopping at Hall's and I spotted an incredible Linda Richards fur cropped jacket.  Although it was probably the most glamorous thing I've ever put on, I just don't think I could wear it without it wearing me.   I'm only 5' 2", so a fur coat is a bit much for my stature.  However, I love the idea of a (faux) fur collar or wrap!  It's the perfect touch of texture, helps keep your neck warm during the cold winter months, and is just so luxurious:

Want to add a little more fur than a collar, but don't want to get overpowered by a coat?  Try a cropped fur shawl, like the one Olivia Palmero is sporting here:

Fur looks amazing paired with her leather pants, although I think anything OP puts on would look amazing. 

Shop The Look:

So what's your take on fur details- love it or leave it?
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