Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Kitchen Trend: No Upper Cabinets

As the saying goes, less is more.  And it seems that this ideology is catching on in interiors- both commercial and residential.  We're learning in our Commercial Design class that collaborative, open workspaces are becoming more and more desirable over individual offices.   We are also seeing a trend in residential interior spaces for open shelving and less interior walls, allowing for a more open concept.  This is forcing people to pare down on clutter and only keep/buy what they truly need.  Personally, I love this idea.  I never feel better than after cleaning out my closet and donating belongings I don't really need. Over the past few years, I've noticed that many architects, homeowners, and designers are taking this "less is more" ideology to their kitchens by eliminating upper cabinets.  This leaves lots of wall space for windows to allow in natural light, wall-mounted light fixtures, or even open shelving that can be used to display favorite dinnerware and chic decor.

I love that designer Lisa Sherry placed artwork and the oven hood in front of these windows (and how great is the skirted round island!?):

If you have the space, like this homeowner does, you can do a separate cabinetry unit to hold the belongings you would normally store in your uppers.  This way you still get the beautiful wall of windows AND the storage- a win-win!

I love the contrast of a dark, glossy paint color on these cabinet fronts:

So what's your take- are you a fan of no upper cabinetry, or do you prefer the traditional look?

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