Monday, February 3, 2014

Valentine's Day Wishlist

Admittedly, I am not a big Valentine's Day fan.  When I was single, it just felt like a huge, unnecessary reminder that I was alone.  Even worse was being asked out on a forced Valentine's Day date, because you knew the guy you were "sort of seeing" just felt like he had to take you out and send you those cliche red roses.  Even now, being almost married, we just use the holiday as an excuse to go to a nice dinner but don't exchange gifts.  However, I am a fan of gifting my girlfriends a little something in honor of the holiday of love.  Because, as Carrie Bradshaw said...

So, I felt it would be fun to put together a wishlist of my favorite red + pink picks for the wardrobe and the home, and maybe it will inspire you to think of a great gift for your own favorite girls.

Shop my Valentine's Day Picks:

For the Home: 1.) Coral Pillow Cover with Greek Key Border $142/2.) Cheri Cocktail Napkins $42/3.) Gay Men Don't Get Fat Book $10.68/4.) Paule Marrot Feathers Artwork $2,685/5.) Surya Frontier Enchant Poppy Red Flatweave Rug $70/6.) Gem Lamp in Pink $165/

For the Wardrobe: 7.) Miu Miu Croc Card Holder $210/8.) Niharika Camisole $275/9.) DVF Helena Silk-Blend Dress $475/10.) Sequin Red Tassel Earrings $100/11.) Kate Spade New York Metro Watch $195/12.) Chloe Leather Ballet Flats $475/

Any big plans for V-Day?  Now I kind of want to have a Sex and the City marathon, but I feel like Sam wouldn't go for that...


  1. I put those anthro cocktail napkins on my wishlist too! And of course, I need that kate spade watch! Great list! xoxo, Lindsay

  2. Oh I love this post! I was thinking of gifting some of my single friends too this year. Every time my husband hears the SATC theme music he yells "NO!" ha

  3. I agree!!! Love SATC! This has given me some ideas for a few of my Girlfriends... thanks!

    Mary @ Something Nice

  4. Good idea:gifts for bestfriends! Nice watch!

  5. That DVF dress is so great! I also love the coral pillow. Don't you host an annual GALentines dinner? Love seeing pics of that. XO

  6. Kind of with you on the non-Valentine's thrill Sam. Haha. Nice roundup though.


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