Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Albertina Loves: Soft Spring Hues

Hi all! This is Albertina from Mimosa Lane back for our biweekly installment of the "We Love" series, where Sam and I swap posts for the day. Today Sam and I are focusing on happy and sweet pastel colors reminiscent of spring.  I'm so glad spring is around the corner.  I really look forward to warmer temperatures and lighter colors. So here we present some ideas as to how to add this beautiful palette to your home and your wardrobe...

{HOME ||  chair | sidetable | lamp | rug | sconce | flowers }
For YOU || I'm just in love with that pink skort from Zara.  I got so much use of my white one last summer that I'm thinking this one is a no brainer. And I think it would look ideal with that top.  I'm pretty obsssed with that gold leaf bangle as well.  

For your HOME ||  That rug is pretty much perfection- the perfect way to anchor a room in this palette.  The sconces bring a little edge to the otherwise sweet look.  And that cute brass table with marble is the perfect accent.

Do you like to celebrate spring with pastels, or do you prefer brighter colors?


  1. Great picks! Love the spring pastels!

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  2. Loving all of the blush pinks out now! Great picks, Albertina!


  3. I love incorporating both but I think I lean more towards pastels and bring out the brighter colors in the summer. Great finds! Love the outfit, ring set, and the curtains in that room.

  4. The brass table is perfection, and that chair is so gorgeous!

  5. Such pretty picks Albertina! Love the hue of those ballet flats and that pink chair is just gorgeous!

  6. We'll celebrate spring any way we can... It's been a long winter here in the Northeast so we're looking forward to any color besides gray! Thanks, Albertina, for including one of our favorite bouquets in your post.
    C + C

  7. Me too Albertina! Love seeing that L&G rug. It's so popular!

  8. These colors are perfect, exactly what I'm craving for spring as well! It just needs to come sooner...sigh...

    xo Lily http://whilemyboyfriendsaway.blogspot.com/


What say you? I'm all ears.

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