Wednesday, March 5, 2014


The more I learn and study my craft, the more I realize that good design is truly about executing the correct amount of restraint.  Learning to create a balance between stability and whimsy in a space is not an easy feat, but ultimately it should feel effortless.  Just as a writer pours over formulating a novel- writing and rewriting it to perfection- our job as designers is to develop a space that gives a sense of balance and peace without feeling staged.

I am a big believer in letting architectural details stand out.  When you have a beautiful window or door detail, there is no need to "decorate" around it.  For instance, these gorgeous steel frame windows create a beautiful, clean contrast to the white.  Color is brought in through the view of the green landscape:

The herringbone wood floors and wall panelling in this apartment are softened by the crisp white drapery.  I love that this desk vignette was kept minimal and accessorized with a few prints above:

I love this vanity vignette designed by Suzanne Kasler. In my opinion, she is one of the best designers at refining a space and creating balance.  Her quatrefoil chair adds a fun touch:

I love the whimsical detail of this bed canopy.  It creates an element of interest to the mostly-monochromatic bedroom:

I love this serene office space.  The lines of the lucite desk allows for negative space that is balanced by the two slipcovered chairs:

I love the peacefulness of these spaces.  Which is your favorite?
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