Thursday, March 27, 2014

Project #FeminineInjection with Bijou and Boheme

 Hi there's Christine here from Bijou and Boheme and I'm so totally delighted to be here guesting for Sam as she enjoys the beginnings of wedded bliss. I've long been a fan and avid reader of TPOTC so very happy to be visiting. For my two minutes of Tres Chic fame, I thought I'd introduce a new project I'm working on that I'm calling #projectfeminineinjection. Those of you who know are likely very aware of my affinity for girliness with a little bit of edge so this project seemed a fitting one to share. To start, I'll show you the 'before's of the space but preface that by letting you know that these so called befores look like what you'd expect from pretty fantastic after reveal party...behold the already fabulous...

12 3 4 5 

 My client originally contacted me because she felt that her space wasn't quite finished and lacked cohesion. She also wanted to inject a good dose of femininity into the space and add some edge. So with this sort of description/mandate in hand and some pretty great inspiration goodness....

  in1in2 inf1 ins9 

 I put this together...


...with these notes: 1. Wall behind the sofa to be done in Porter Teleo's 'Tangled'...

...or 'Fluidity'...

  porter teleo fluidity 

 2. All windows to be painted black with ripple fold white drapery to cover entire window wall...

  West Chin, Rubenstein  32 W 18  NYC 

 3. Amazingly feminine/graphic/edgy artwork from Stephanie Vovas...


...and Nicole Cohen...

  adidas nicole cohen 

 4. Eating area to have new shade in Pierre Frey's Leo Noir...

  leo noir

...that we could also use for drapery instead of the white (or a similar Les Touches for that matter). 

 5. New goodies from my favourites Black Rooster Decor, 219 and Arianna Belle...


 And I can't wait to see it all come to life:) A huge thanks again to Sam for letting me share one of my newest projects over here...wishing her sooooooooo much happiness and joy with the whole being hitched thing;)))) 

 xx my name


  1. Wow, a good space turns GREAT. Well done!!

    xo Lily

  2. so cute!! ;-))


  3. love your inspiration pics, I cant wait to see the finished project!
    Dana Kay

  4. En dehors de cela , beaucoup ont également déploré que le jeu , tel qu'il est, est extrêmement déséquilibrée , avec le titre favorisant fortement les joueurs


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