Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring Wishes with Shelter Interior Design

Happy Monday, loves!  It is bittersweet to be back home after a fab wedding and honeymoon in St. Barth.  I can't wait to share details and pics with you all soon!  While I unpack and re-adjust to normal life, I have one last fab guest blogger here today.  Julie Richard, of Shelter Interior Design, shares her spring cravings with us.  If you aren't familiar with Julie, the fab North Boston designer, you should be.  Her blog is a constant source of aesthetic inspiration for me.


First off, I want to thank Samantha for asking me to contribute to her fabulous blog. I had fun pulling together some of my favorite Spring picks for you all to ponder!

Here are the deets and my wishes:

1. I love Spring flowers. It's been a long, cold winter. I can't wait to fill vases around my home with freshly picked flowers.

2. I'm loving these new bedside tables from Wisteria. They are the perfect size and would be so functional because they include a drawer and shelving.

3. These amazing sconces would add a fresh look to both modern and traditional spaces. I love layering lighting types.

4. Bubble bath is the perfect spring nail color.

5. I'm very much looking forward to sandal season. This Joie version would work with a number of your casual looks!

6. Loeffler Randal has such great shoes and bags. I'm adoring this classic purse.

7. Switching out pillows is a fun way to update your decor during the spring time. The colorful fringe pillow would look adorable mixed with other pillows on a bed or sofa.

8. I heart bunnies! Should I get one for my kids this Easter?! I'm tempted!

Congratulations on your marriage Sam! Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness together!! xo


  1. Please don't get a bunny for your kids unless YOU want one and are willing to do the work it takes to care for it (and yes, you should expect to do the work and not expect that your kids will take on that responsibility unless you know from past experience that they are great at taking care of pets). Bunnies are hard pets to care for as they love to chew anything and everything (including electrical cords which will need to be hidden away) and while they can be potty trained they can still leave pellets around the house. The majority of bunnies in shelters are from parents who thought getting their kids a bunny for easter would be cute and then realized that they weren't up for the work it takes to care for the bunny.

  2. Here's a pretty good article on caring for bunnies:

  3. Obsessed with Julie and with this board!

    xo Lily

  4. Ahhh get a bunny! That would be so fun!!

  5. cute things!! ; ]


  6. Love those pillows, but the link went to the sandals. Please update!

  7. 1, 2, and 4 are my favorite picks thanks for sharing! Fresh spring flowers in the house are the best, that bedside table is fabulous and functional, and who doesn't love a good spring color nail polish!
    Dana Kay

  8. Welcome back Sam! Saw some photos of your wedding and it looked incredible! Can't wait to see and hear more!! :)

  9. I'm obsessed with that bedside table! Now if only I could find a version that wasn't $500...



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