Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Needing, Wanting, Loving: A Partial Bed Canopy

I've never given up on my childhood dream of having a canopy bed.  I remember begging my mom to buy me a canopy when I was younger.  Being the smart lady that she is, she remedied my obsession by buying me one of those inexpensive ready-made netting drapes that hangs from a circular hoop attached to your ceiling.  Thankfully, my tastes have evolved a bit through the years, and now I am lusting after the idea of creating a partial canopy above my bed.  Creating a valence or pseudo-valence It adds drama and defines a space so beautifully:

I love the romantic feel a canopy adds! I would love to create a custom valence and add in a tape trim or pom pom trim.  How fun would that be?!

If you love the idea of a canopy but are on a budget, Apartment Therapy shared a few ways you can DIY the look for less!
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