Monday, June 30, 2014

Monday Morning Inspiration: The Raleigh Hotel

Happy Monday my dears!  Did you have a good weekend?!  I hope so.  I am loving summer, but I'm also definitely feeling a bit of wanderlust lately.  When I came across an image of this stunning pool on Pinterest, I knew it fit the bill for my next getaway.  I had to discover where this gorgeous gem of a watering hole could be found.  Upon further research, I discovered it's located at the The Raleigh Hotel in beautiful South Beach, Miami:

Originally designed and built in the 1940s by architect L. Murray Dixon, The Raleigh Hotel is a glamorous display of Art Deco style.  

Although The Raleigh Hotel already seems pretty swoon-worthy, Tommy Hilfiger recently purchased the property and plans to give it a zhush.  He recently shared his plan for the hotel:  "The Raleigh Hotel is a true Miami Beach treasure with sophistication and style... the 1940s design of The Raleigh and its rich history are central to our plans to rejuvenate the property." 

Shop This Board:

1.) Tassel Bloom Earrings $38 /2.) White Embroidered Playsuit $68  /3.) Black Floral Pillow $95 /4.) Ginger Lace-Up Sandals $119 /5.)  Turquoise Cluster Necklace $120 /6.) Fendi Sunglasses $340  7.) Gold Dot Napkins $12 

So who wants to escape with me and go lounge by the "Most Beautiful l Pool in America", as Life Magazine says?!


  1. I had brunch there by the pool last August. It really was fab. The food was great too!!

  2. That's an awesome pool! The layout is stunning never see a pool like that. On top of it it's in Miami one of my favorites places. AMAZING!! I think i'm going to make my reservation and pack up today. ahahaah

  3. That pool is stunning! I'll take everything in the inspiration outfit per usual. Especially the shoes

  4. This place looks like sheer perfection! Thanks for sharing!

    x Lily

  5. One of my dream destinations! I hope Tommy does her well!

  6. So so pretty! I would love to be there right now. I've never been to Miami before and would love to go!!


  7. so beautiful! I have seen pics before - it is a beautiful place I would love to visit!


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