Tuesday, October 28, 2014

27th Birthday Wishlist

I cannot believe October is almost over.  This year has sped by, and I keep thinking it's still summer (the beautiful weather in Houston lately isn't helping, either).  While I'm not a big fan of winter, I can't help but love the holidays, especially because my birthday falls near Thanksgiving (November 30th).  Even more exciting is that my baby niece Lily turns 1 on November 26th!  I will be back in Oklahoma for the birthday festivities and can't wait to see this cute face:

{my mom and I with Lily at the pumpkin patch}

Anyway, I will say I am getting excited to celebrate my birthday this year.  Which is strange- because the last few I've felt a bit blah about.  You know how it goes as you get older, it seems to be less and less fun to admit you took another full trip around the sun.  I'm just excited to spend time with friends and MAYBE indulge in a few things on my wish list:

Shop My Wishlist:

1.) Decker Cuff by Kelly Wearstler $295/2.) Avedon Coffee Table Book $100/3.) Python Business Card Holder $75/4.) Kate Moss for Topshop Scalloped Camisole $68/5.) Altuzarra for Target Wrap Dress $40/6.) Young Hollywood Coffee Table Book $75/7.) DV by Dolce Vita Black Bootie $140/8.) Morton Table Lamp in Burnished Silver $475/

Have you guys seen the Altuzarra collection for Target yet?  There are so many fab items, and the prices can't be beat. And, of course, there are always a few coffee table books I have my eye on.  Lastly, as I finish up decorating my house, I have been on the hunt for a living room table lamp- and I think this burnished silver option is perfect.

Anything I missed? Let me know! :)


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