Wednesday, October 29, 2014


I got my hair highlighted yesterday at my favorite salon, Azur West, and my colorist Jen's hairstyle had me swooning.  I will admit I'm not one to cut my hair often, and definitely not in a specific style.  I usually just ask for some long layers (since I have more hair than any human being rightfully should) and to trim off the split ends and call it good.  However, my hair has grown out pretty long and the upkeep and weight of it has been bothering me.  So, I scheduled a cut for next Tuesday with Katie, my go-to girl, and have begun researching hairstyles for inspiration.  I have always loved Lauren Conrad's hair and the way it has transformed through the years.  It seems no matter what style she goes with, she pulls it off effortlessly.  Well, if you follow LC's instagram, you might have seen she got a BIG haircut last week- and the result is, you guessed it- effortless:

And here she is out and about sporting her new layers:

So carefree and cute!  I know people generally cut their hair before the summer, but I'm in need of a fresh mane, and I think this is the look I want to go for!  Now, not to insight any old Hills drama and assume LC is a copycat, but Whitney Port was featured on One Kings Lane yesterday and seems to have a very similar cut:

Either way, I consider both girls to be fashion icons of mine, and I think the fact that they're both rocking shorter hair is fab.  Here are a few similar hairstyles I've put in my inspiration file for next Tuesday's chop:

I love the light, piecey-ness and the effortless vibe of all these looks.  Wish me luck next week!  I'll be sure to post a post-haircut photo on Instagram.

Happy Wednesday!




  1. nice pics; D


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  2. Such gorgeous inspirational picks! Lauren Conrad has amazing hair!
    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

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  4. Jen is the absolute best! I have been going to her for years, and I don't know that I could trust anyone else with my blonde :). Katie rocks, too! Love your blog.


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