Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Home Office Design

Happy Tuesday!  How was your weekend?  Mine was restful and chill. I am excited to be going to ACL this Friday-Sunday, so it felt like a smart idea to relax this past weekend.  Today I thought I'd share a few design boards I created for a friend who is in the process of redesigning her home office.  My friend has been married for a few years now and her and her husband plan to start a family in the not-too-distant future.   She wanted to turn her small home office in to a space that reflected her style a bit more, while also making it work as a functional play room once they had kids.  Since she often works from home, she imagines that one day her children could play in the room while she (tries to) work at her desk.   Here is the space as it stands now (i.e., the before shot):
My friend has a love for soft colors and traditional pieces that still pack a punch.  We did her dining room last summer, which you can see here.   However, since her office space was smaller and a space that is uniquely "hers", she was willing to push the envelope a bit.  I knew I wanted to give her space a richer wall color just to add dimension, and ended up picking Benjamin Moore's Hale Navy.  I love it because it is simultaneously elegant and rich while remaining timeless.  Next up, I began working on choosing furniture and accessory pieces to give her space a new look.  Most of the office spaces she showed me as her inspiration included touches of brass, blush pink, and neutral hues mixed in.  Her husband and her love to travel, and they had purchased a map they wanted to frame for the wall that included antique hues of blush and gold.  Based off of that as well as my own vision, I created 3 design concept boards for her to choose from:

The storage shelves would be perfect for her to store toys and books in for the "playroom" portion of the room, and a soft rug would provide a comfortable space for her kids to play on while also anchoring the space. 
Can you guess which concept board she went with?  Which one is your favorite option?


  1. Oh these are all great! I love the rug in concept 3.


  2. Love concept 2 with the navy and lighter coral/pink mix and the Paris print!


  3. MMm loving the color concepts and overall feel of this room. Chic but lived in. Number 2 is speaking to me.

    xo Rachel

  4. so nice! ;0)
    new post

  5. The bookshelf in Concept 3 is my favorite! I've never seen one with drawers in it - that's so smart.


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  7. Could you list the sources for the concepts?


What say you? I'm all ears.

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