Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday's Worthy Links

TGIF!  Another week is wrapped up and in the books.  Was it a good one for you?  I hope so!  Before signing off for the weekend, I wanted to leave you with a few noteworthy and/or inspiring things I found around the web this week-

-This post and this pin reminds me why emerald green will always be my favorite holiday color to sport.

-I now look even more forward to Friday mornings to listen to the new Serial podcast.  Are you guys following the Serial series?  I find it utterly fascinating.  The narrator, Sarah Koenig, investigates a 1999 homicide in Baltimore, Maryland.  The teen convicted of the murder, Adnan Syed, is now in prison for life- yet there are so many holes in the case.  Each week, Sarah discusses another element of the case, while probing witnesses and talking to the murderer himself.  We are now on episode 8, but if you want to get caught up, I suggest binge listening from episode 1 this weekend!

-Call me crazy, but I've always wanted to have a gallery wall of women smoking.  Remember my post here? I know, I know.  Smoking is horrible for you.  But I just want to commemorate some of the chic women from the past who made it look effortless.  I think I'll start my collection with this wildly popular sketch by Garance Dore.

-This Netflix documentary "Somm" has me itching to become a master sommelier.  With graduation right around the corner for me (yay for a BFA in Interior Design!) I will need a new night-time project.  And what better than "studying" wines? ;)

{bedroom above designed by Tom Scheerer}


  1. Mmmmmm Emerald green party dresses and shoes and jewels. I am right there with you! I love emerald green for the holidays. Show me a deep green velvet and I'm gone.

    xo Rachel

  2. Love emerald green! Yes, I've been listening to the Serial podcast

  3. I am following Serial and it is GRIPPING! so fascinating.

    x Lily


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