Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Bedside Glamour

One of my favorite pieces in a home are the bedside tables.  Call me nosy, but I love seeing what people display on them- whether it be family photos, the book they are reading, a candle, or a mix of artwork and decorative accessories.  My bedside table consists of a stack of books I'm working my way through, a painting by Lola Donoghue, a Nest candle, a few framed photos, and my reading lamp.  And if I'm being honest, often my space heater- I get so cold at night!  Today I wanted to gather a collection of my favorite bedside table situations so we can admire them together:

Houston designer Ashley Goforth has a classic, clean palette that is evident in this serene bedroom.  I love that a small framed piece of art and fresh flowers flank the bed.

Nothing gets me like a collection of framed photos. The fun, ceramic lamp adds a touch of whimsy to the space. 

Swivel sconces are great for a bedside.  They can be swung around to provide reading light and then moved out of the way while sleeping.  They also free up space on your nightstand!

Ideally, a bedside table should consist of your favorite things.  A blue and white ceramic lamp, warm coffee, and fresh flowers make this boudoir a dream:

{Bill Ingram and Simon Watson's bedroom via House Beautiful}

And who doesn't love a comfy chaise lounge for extra reading space?

What do you keep within reach of your bedside?
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