Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday's Worthy Links

A few favorite links I found on the internet this week....

- I loved taking a peek in to some of my favorite interior designer's offices on Carla Ann's blog here.  Take a tour of Bunny Williams, Betsy Burnham, Barbara Berry, Thomas O'Brien,  and Windsor Smith's workspaces.

-This infographic shows the best jobs for all 16 Myers-Briggs Personality Types.  As an ENTJ, I loved seeing architect listed as an ideal job for my personality type (closest thing to interior designer).  Have no idea what the Myers-Briggs test is?  Go here to take it and find out more.

-Have you guys seen The Holiday?  After seeing that movie, I always thought the idea of swapping houses with someone for a getaway vacation (at no cost) seemed so romantic.  Nicole Cohen, writer of Sketch 42 Blog, recently switched houses with a family in LA for the holiday using the "creatives-only" house-swapping site Behomm.  She shared her experience  and photos of the house here, and I think this might be the coolest house I've ever seen.

-This Mommy Wars video made me laugh out loud.  Even though I'm not a mom, I am always surprised to see how dogmatic mothers can be about the "right" way to care for a baby. From breastfeeding, to working moms, to stay-at-home dads, this parody will crack you up. 

-These days, there's an app for everything.  Interested in outsourcing your life?  Joanna Goddard shares how.  Ha!

TGIF!!  Enjoy your Friday and your weekend, everybody!




  1. I loved the post by Carla Aston! It was so interesting to see everyone's unique and preferred work space.

  2. so pretty ;-)

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