Monday, February 2, 2015

Fabric Crush: Michael Devine Hand-Printed Fabrics

Happy Monday!  What better way to start the week than with fun, punchy patterns?  Today I wanted to share a line of distinctive textiles I've fallen in love with- Michael Devine Hand-Printed Fabrics.  Created by interior designer Michael Devine, the fabrics are all painstakingly hand-printed in a mix of modern and classic patterns.  He's been creating his swoon-worthy fabrics since 2007, and some of the biggest designers in the industry routinely use them.  Here's a run down of my favorites:

I love Michael's Dottie print because it reminds me of a cheetah but is still versatile enough to mix with other patterns.  Venice is another personal fave:

The back of these dining chairs feature Venice in color Wedgewood- I love the soft colors that create a serene, spa-like feel:

This children's reading nook has 2 throw pillows upholstered in Venice's Scarlet color way:

When I was little I would've LOVED to have my own private reading nook!

Charlotte Moss used Devine's Beekman pattern for the drapery in her living room.  I LOVE the mix of green velvets:

But perhaps the most popular fabric of all in Michael's collection is Fretwork.  It seems to pop up everywhere- even upholstered on walls!

A few years ago, Michael and his partner Thomas Burak hosted an intimate backyard fete for Lonny Mag.  The canopy he created is constructed of gorgeous Fretwork with a complimentary cornice:

In addition to designing, Michael loves to host parties and even released a coffee table book  about seasonal entertaining outdoors. His website also includes several fab gifts under $50 incorporating his whimsical patterns:

I'm dying to use the Dottie fabric somewhere in my own home.  Which Michael Devine textile pattern is your fave?


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