Monday, February 9, 2015

Valentine's Wishes: Chronicles of Frivolity

Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day! I’m Katey from Chroniclesof Frivolity! Sam and I worked together on a little leopard lovin’ this past August. I fangirl over Sam’s aesthetic [she’s got “it girl” down] and was so excited when she wanted me to share a few of my Valentine’s Day favorites for this little day of love.

I contemplated sharing sentimental gifts, and then I though, “Ehhh…it’s the day of love and who are we the best at treating?! Ourselves. “ Le duh.

If you want to invest in yourself this day, I pulled some pieces that fit the bill.

YSL lipsticks have become my favorite little indulgence as of late. Their formula is so creamy and leaves the prettiest stain. I have a pair of Rockstuds in pink and while it’s a bit impractical it adds dimension to my favorite all-black ensemble. A Mara Hoffman cheeky swimsuit is something every girl can rock along with a Clare V. clutch for your girl’s night out. The RM ring screams Kate Moss with the girly and glam marriage of material. And lastly, send yourself flowers! Make sure to act like you aren’t sure which date they are from! ;) 

Enjoy yourself this Valentine’s Day!


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