Monday, March 9, 2015

Reading Essentials

It's Monday again, and of course I am already craving a few more hours of lounging in bed.  I started reading What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding last night, and I was immediately hooked by author Kristin Newman's witty prose and her laugh-out-loud travel memories.  However, I realized last night that I have no proper reading spot other than my bed, and I undoubtedly fall asleep so quickly when I lie down to book peruse. So, I've decided that will be my next home project- scope out and create a great area for reading.  Here's a little inspiration I found...

Shop Reading Essentials:

Vientiane Ikat Coral Throw Pillow $108/Capri Blue Velvet Pillow $142/ Hanging Rattan Chair $425Life by Keith Richard $10/ What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding by Kristin Newman $14.99/The Stylish Life: Tennis (Available for Pre-Order) $55/Brass Floor Reading Lamp $595/Warby Parker "Kimball" Eyeglasses $95

I am definitely adding The Stylish Life: Tennis to my coffee table book collection when it comes out later this month, and Life by Keith Richards is an incredible autobiography of the rocker's exciting past that all Rolling Stones fans should read.

I love all of Warby Parker's stylish specs, and the 2015 spring collection is no different.  Since getting Lasik a few years back, I have no real need for eyeglasses, but these tortoises ones are so cute!

So tell me- do you have a reading nook, or do you prefer to read in bed? 


  1. love the first reading nook. the perfect inspiration. I always read before I go to bed...well, unless I fall asleep first. Been doing since I was 3.


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