Thursday, June 18, 2015

Color Crush: Turquoise

Although I make it a regular thing to color crush, turquoise really is my all-time favorite color.  From growing up spending summers in the clear blue waters of the Caribbean to regularly dressing in the green blue color that goes well with blonde hair, turquoise has always been a prominent color in my life.  Even to this day, my house is full of the color.  What's not to love?

{Ojo de agua, Ometepe, Nicaragu} 

{Who What Wear}

It's an instant mood-lifter. 

Happy Thursday!


  1. so nice!!

    new post

  2. Wow!! The color really is as elegant as it's significance of communication of heart and the spoken words as well as the clarity of thoughts.

  3. Coming from a kaleidoscopic blossom design on the pillow case by means of inner surface decorator Jonathan Adler to a joyful outfit of which came out from the spg bunch of designer Nanette Lapore, honeysuckle flower features produced it's accessibility this year as a coloring being reckoned along with. Honeysuckle flower furthermore happens to be the actual 2011 coloring with the calendar year from the Pantone Shade Initiate, a whole new Jersey-based business of which sets coloring requirements for the style and residence design and style companies. Color like turquoise


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