Thursday, August 13, 2015

Currently Coveting: Satchel Purses

One thing I've noticed while walking around NYC is how many women carry cross-body satchel purses.  Since most people carry a separate work bag with their heels for the office, work out clothes, and spare umbrella, a satchel is the perfect size to carry other essentials like a wallet, keys, and lip gloss. I've always been drawn to classic, timeless design, and the satchel is no exception.  Originating as a fashion statement in the 1600s, the satchel went on to become the "it" schoolbag of the 20th century- and it's still prevalent in fashion today.

When I picture a satchel handbag, I always think of Chloe's Marcie bag:

Available in multiple colors and sizes, it's an investment piece that's stood the test of time.

If you're after the classic satchel look in a smaller size, ASOS has several affordable options, including this and this.

Are you a fan of the satchel? If not, what bag are you lusting after this season?


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