Wednesday, August 12, 2015

NYC Bedroom Update

It's my 2nd full week in NYC (last week I was back in Houston to tie up loose ends), and I've wasted no time making my new room feel like home.  As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I moved in with two great girls (friends of friends) in the Upper East Side who had their third room become available right when I was looking!  It was the perfect fit- 2 subway stops from work, a Starbucks and Drybar across the street, and a 5 minute walk from Central Park.  I also love that I live with 2 girls who know the ins and outs of the city and are helping me get adjusted.  The first step in sprucing up my new space was to give the walls, doors and trim a fresh coat of paint:

I painted the walls in Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter and the trim in BM Simply White.  It's amazing how fresh a space can feel with just a new coat of color.  In terms of furnishings, I was in a predicament I've never found myself in before- a tiny 10' x 12' room!  At first, I was a tad bummed to go from a spacious townhouse in Houston to a tiny NYC apartment room, but now that I've lived here a few weeks I'm finding it to be a fun puzzle to solve.  Also, it really makes you pare down and focus on what you love and have to have.  So what does that translate to in terms of furnishings?  One store- CB2.  I have always been a fan of their infamous peekaboo coffee table, but I'd never been in their physical store until I got to New York.  The sister store to Crate & Barrel, I love their minimalist aesthetic that's perfect for small space living.  I purchased the peekaboo acrylic console (only $349!) to act as my new desk, and the tripel floor lamp for light.  While the lamp is a bit more modern than I'd like, I wanted to maximize the light output and the fact that this light had 3 separate bulbs was hard to pass up.  My first 2 pieces:

I'm having some items shipped up from Houston, and plan to pair this Mecox acrylic chair with my desk.  The clear finish on both pieces help to create the illusion of taking up less space, which is key here!

Another item I brought up from Houston was my zebra hide rug. In Houston it was under my dining table, but now it's the perfect proportion to go under my full-sized bed- which, right now, is only a mattress and box springs, so I'll wait to share that until I decide on a headboard.  I did decide on bedding, though.  Because the space is so small, I went ahead and splurged a bit on my linens.  While browsing Gracious Home, I came across Matouk's Lorelei line and loved the scalloped detail, so I ordered the coverlet, shams, and boudoir pillow and plan to add a fun monogram.  One of the shams is shown below underneath the snakeskin tray:

I'm planning to add a cornice box with roman shades to each of my windows and a custom shower curtain, so I'm trying to choose a fabric for those.  Quadrille's bold, bright ikats are always a fun option and what I'm currently leaning towards.  One of the ways I'm maximizing storage is underneath my bed, so I'm also planning to design a fabulous bedskirt.  Here are some photos in my bedskirt inspiration file:

{A bedskirt created to coordinate with the headboard}

 {A bedskirt trimmed out in a coordinating color}

{A ruffled bedskirt trimmed out in a coordinating color}

Which style is your favorite?  I am thinking of doing it in a clean drop with a trim or cord to balance out the scalloped edge of my bedding. 

I hope you'll stay tuned as I continue to share my progress and work on my new room!


What say you? I'm all ears.

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