Monday, September 28, 2015

Lilly Bunn's Upper East Side Apartment

When I was in Montauk last month with Gaby and Lauren, we were discussing what interior designers best exemplify our personal aesthetic.  Besides my current firm, Amanda Nisbet Design, I immediately thought of Lilly Bunn Interiors. I love the way she infuses color in to her spaces to create a youthful, livable feel.  To me, her rooms feel well-thought-out and balanced, with the perfect mix of statement-making decor and classic pieces.  Her Upper East Side Manhattan apartment is a great example of a home that is both kid-friendly and adult chic:

{Don't even get me started on how cute Lilly is-  I have a major girl crush!}

Her living room features a Moroccan rug that anchors the seating area while creating fun pattern play.   She chose to go with a Moroccan that had shorter fibers, so she wouldn't be stuck fishing out her kid's crumbs from long shaggy hairs. I love that she chose to scale the table lamps a bit larger for added drama, and the frilly window treatments add a femininity to the space. 

A magenta juju hat pops against Hinson's splatter wallpaper:

Many different elements are at play in her dining room.  Black, lightweight bentwood chairs surround a modern pedestal table.  Lilly walked by a downtown lighting store admiring this crystal boat chandelier in the front window for weeks before she finally gave in and purchased it.  The natural striped rug was selected because it can easily hide her kid's stains and spills. 

I love the shape of Lilly's master bedroom headboard as well as the nailhead trim.  A gold Tiffany & Co. clock she received as a wedding present sits on display by her bed. 

Lilly and her husband Chris have 2 young daughters, Grace and Daisy.  Their rooms are playful havens filled with youthful textiles, and double as the girl's playrooms.

As always, fabulous job Lilly!  See more of her impeccable work here

{photos via One Kings Lane}


  1. i love your work, and you are right about lilyy bunn, the colors are just mind blowing. i have a reviewed myself a a new line of iphone 6 cases which are just vibrating in different colors.

  2. What a lovely, colorful space! Amazing!

  3. awesome style!! ;-)

    i invite to me too

  4. I love her style…chic and sophisticated. Aodre the colors in the last two images!

  5. Samantha, if you want a juju hat, and find the room for one, let me know which color and I might be able to get you one. I lived in Cameroon for a couple of years so I brought back quite a few.

  6. I really had a great time with your post! I am looking forward to read more blog post regarding this! Well written!


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