Thursday, September 24, 2015

NYC Bedroom Update 2

Today I am happy to bring you a NYC bedroom update, but I hope you weren't looking for a frilly, pretty post because the honest truth is that this is quite a process.  As much as I am loving NYC life (and that's the God's honest truth- everyone needs to live here at some point in their lives, the experience is indescribable), it presents obstacles a normal city would not.  A few weeks ago, a few of my artworks and throw pillows arrived from Houston.  As I unpacked the boxes and unloaded my things, I felt a rush of comfort.  It felt so nice to have a piece of my life from back home finally in NYC with me.  The next delivery I expected was an acrylic desk chair originally found at Mecox, but when I unwrapped the FedEx box, my poor chair had been broken in transit.  You can see it on the bottom right of the photo. Le Sigh.

There's always a silver lining to any cloud, and in this case I found a great restorer who plans to fix the chair for me and reupholster the seat.   This will be immensely less expensive than buying a new chair, and the FedEx claim money will more than cover the chair's facelift.  I decided on Bermingham & Co's Ikat silk fabric for the seat, and also plan to use this same fabric for my shower curtain and cornice.

My headboard is almost finished as well, which is exciting!  I had to have it custom made since my bed is so high.  Because I needed additional storage space, I used those risers we all love from the Container Store to make space underneath my bed.  Sometimes I truly feel like I'm back in a dorm room! 

I know it looks VERY tall, but once it's behind my bed and my shams are installed, the scale should look correct.  

As you can see in the picture above, I also got a few art pieces hung up- the Slim Aarons photograph is the first thing you see when you walk in to my room, and Kelly O’Neal’s Rhombus painting is hanging on the opposite wall next to my bed. 

Here's what's left to buy:

I plan to put this shelf by my bed to serve as both a display AND as a bedside table for my book, water, and phone.

2.) Coleen & Company Taylor Lantern

I bet you wouldn't believe me if I told you my room has no main ceiling light.  Right now I have a CB2's Tripel floor lamp with three bulbs that I'm using as a make-shift track light to bounce off the walls and provide as much light as possible, but I have finally caved and asked my super to install an overhead light.  To keep with the colorful, fun feel I'm going for, I plan to buy Coleen & Company's Taylor Lantern.  They have the best lighting!

3.) Oomph's Tini Table

I also need a petite table on the other side of my bed.  There is maybe 12” W available, so I’m thinking Oomph’s tini table would be perfect.  The best part is choosing the top finish- raffia, snakeskin, shagreen, or even a Quadrille fabric.

Despite the decor hiccups, I am having an absolute blast here.  My roommates are great, my coworkers are incredible, the projects we are working on are unreal, and I’m getting a nice little muffin top from all the dirty martinis and avocado toasts.  Life is good!

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