Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Take Me Away: Muse Hotel in St. Tropez

St. Tropez has long been on my "must-travel-to" list.   My mom grew up in Hawaii and my brother and I spent our childhood years visiting my grandpa there, so for me, a worthwhile vacation has always been associated with the beach. While in Tulum this past August, my high school girlfriends and I decided we'd save up and go next summer to Paris with a stop over in the French Riviera.  As I write this post I can already envision the rosé we'll consume and the sarong/bikini combo I'll sport, a-la Brigitte Bardot.

{Bardot and Alain Delon in St. Tropez, 1968}

What I learned when I went to St. Barths last year was, simply put, the French do it better-  At least, when it comes to vacationing.  They also seem to have a healthier relationship with food and the parenting thing down, but those are discussion topics for another day.  While daydreaming about next summer, I took it upon myself to research St. Tropez hotels.  As I've mentioned before, my go-to website for finding unique, fabulous places to stay is Mr. and Mrs. Smith- and that's how I stumbled upon Muse Hotel. Marketed as a "heavenly hedonist's hideaway", I was intrigued.  

St. Tropez is known for it's picturesque winding streets, lively beach parties, and epic super-yachts.  While I admit I can be a bit of an aesthetic hedonist, even I know one weekend spent in this Euro playground would be plenty.  But anything worth doing is worth doing well- and that's where Muse steps in. Located in the chic Riviera hilltop town Ramatuelle, about a 5 minute drive south of St. Tropez, Muse features a cabana-lined pool, in-room spa treatments, and a Mediterranean restaurant with only the most fresh, local ingredients.  There are 15 suites total, and 10 of them have their own private pools.  

And why would you shuttle to the beach in a taxi, when you can ride one of the hotel's cute bicycles?

See more photos and read all the details about Muse Hotel here.  Any seasoned St. Tropez travelers out there?  What should not be missed?


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