Friday, October 30, 2015

Fave Fall Jewels

My jewelry tastes have always been rather simple.  I hate wearing anything on my wrist so I've never been in to watches or bangles like most girls.  I have a few pieces of jewelry that I wear on a regular basis- a gold Chanel loose bracelet for going out, a pair of David Yurman studs for work, and a few dangly earrings for weekends.  I have a couple fun statement necklaces for when I'm feeling bold, but truth be told, shopping for jewelry isn't often on my radar.  As most bloggers know, companies regularly pitch products to you, and I personally feel that it's rare I find a product pitch fits my style.  But then I discovered Rocksbox- a jewelry subscription service.  For $19 a month, they send you a set of 3 pieces to wear as often as you like until you're ready for a new set.  Simply send back your 3 pieces and they'll send out 3 more.  You can browse their inventory and create a wishlist of the pieces you like the most, and they'll tailor your set based off of your wishlist as well as a comprehensive style survey.  I have been constantly wearing the A.V. Max caged ring and Gorjana dangly earrings they sent me this week:

Rocksbox is perfect for me, because I don't know enough about jewelry to be on the cusp of all the trends.  By having their style team curate a set for me and send it to my doorstep, I've found that I discover new-to-me styles and brands I wouldn't have come across otherwise.

My other recent jewelry discovery is Rhea Kulcsar jewelry. Rhea is in the NYC Junior League with me, and every time I see her I die over the jewelry she's wearing.  And without fail, I always ask, "Where did you find that?!"  Le duh, it's her own design.  I pulled together my favorite jewelry finds, and Rhea's designs are included below as #1, 5, and 7:

Shop This Board:

1.) Rhea Kulcsar 3 Cylinder Ring $65/2.) Agate Spear Cuff in Black $29 per month/
3.) Plumeria Collar Necklace $54/4.) Sophia Studs in Merlot $365.) Cylinder Bangle $50/6.) Malibu Studs in Ebony $48/7.) Rhea Kulcsar Tassel Necklace $1258.) Medusa Snake Cuff $100

Do you have a jewelry line you love?  Let me know now that I'm trying to be an accessories connoisseur. 


What say you? I'm all ears.

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