Monday, November 2, 2015

Beauty Regimen Updates

Settling in to life in New York has meant hunting down the best spas and beauty treatments this city has to offer.   As I mentioned in my skincare routine post, I'm a big believer in taking good care of your skin and getting regular facials with extractions.  In Houston, I saw Jaclyn at Skindustry for routine maintenance, and the girl knows her stuff.  I sent several friends there, and no matter the issue, Jaclyn knew how to fix it and get your skin glowing.  Since moving to NYC, I have discovered Mario Badescu skincare products and been to his spa for a glycolic facial, and was very happy with the way it left my skin feeling and looking. 

Growing up, my friends always told me I had the most expressive face they'd ever seen.  Maybe I missed my calling by not pursuing acting, but nonetheless my face began to show creases between my brows where I squinted, around the outsides of my eyes, and along my forehead a few years back.    I did a lot of research about botox and talked with several people who had had it, and I heard mixed reviews.  I knew that if I were going to do it, I wanted to have the best doctor treating me so I'd feel comfortable and at ease.  Thankfully, a close friend of mine in Houston worked in the plastic surgery industry and directed me to Dr. Yalamanchili at the Belage Center in Houston.  She assured me that he was "the best of the best."  I had a consultation with him and went over my concerns, and he was so thorough and kind to answer all my questions.  Ultimately, we decided to start treatments because my expression muscles were so strong that I was starting to get frown lines etched in to my skin.  As those get deeper over time, they become permanent.  By starting now, the botox is playing a preventative role by helping to relax the muscles that are being overused.  In addition to having impeccable bedside manner, he also has helped me to look and feel more refreshed, relaxed, and confident with my skin:

Even though I live in NYC,  I have already traveled back to Houston once to see Dr. Yalamanchili, and I don't plan on finding another doctor here in New York.  

Another beauty regimen I've added to my repertoire is eyelash extensions.  I am officially obsessed with Bling Lash Studio in NY. I've gotten eyelash extensions before, but the myriad of choices and styles at Bling Lash was new to me.  I do the silk lashes in the "C curl" gorgeous style.  Here's a pic I took after getting a new set put on- and yes, I'm aware I need to smile in these pictures:

{Why am I trying to be so serious? Eek.  At least I'm wearing a cute Rory Ashton body chain!}

My other beauty goals include drinking more water (of course), regrowing and shaping my brows to resemble Lily Aldridge's after a particularly frightful eyebrow waxing, and being more religious about using retinol and Vitamin C serum before bed.

Thanks for letting me be frivolous today- any skincare tips you'd like to share?




  1. You have beautiful skin! You might want to find a good moisturizer before winter hits NY, it will be so different than what we have in Houston. Have you ever read Caroline Hirons skincare blog? She has amazing recommendations for good products, she posts a lot on Insta too. Planning to make an appointment and treat myself to a facial with Jaclyn.

  2. I believe exercise, rest, and good nutrition lay the foundation for beautiful, healthy skin, inside and out.
    I follow these simple beauty routine tips:
    -Washing skin to remove the dirt, pollutants on a daily basis.
    -Drinking water to keep skin hydrated and healthy.
    Apart from this I use a natural routine, for my sensitive skin and I prefer Stem cell skincare products which are organic and will nourish your dried skin.

  3. Is it accurate to say that you are right away living utilizing a constrained spending plan? This is just not motivation to disregard your beauty regimen. Find how it is conceivable to take great consideration of yourself while sparing money.


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