Monday, November 9, 2015

Chic Holiday Gifting: Stocking Stuffers (all under $50!)

I can't believe I'm already talking about holiday gift ideas, but here we are- 7 weeks out from Christmas!  I always seem to be last minute with my gift buying, and this year I'm determined to change that.  One of the hardest things for me to shop for are stocking stuffers.  My family is very much in to them, yet I find it hard to find useful, beautiful items for each member of the fam at a low price point.  

Shop This Post:

1.) Kate Spade Business Card Holder $30/2.) Custom Monogram Rubber Stamp $31.99/3.) Charlotte Tribal Scarf $34/4.) Large Cheetah Bag Tassel $48/5.) Linen Satin Stitch Coasters $40/6.) S'well Metallic Gold Water Bottle $42/7.) Celestial Coaster Set $40/8.) Vogue Stud Duo Earrings $38


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