Friday, December 25, 2015

Friday's Worthy Links

Merry Christmas ((and happy Friday))!  I hope you are enjoying the day relaxing with family + friends.  There's nothing better than the holiday season.  Somehow my mom convinced me to wear matching pajamas with her and my niece, but how could I say no to these two? 

A few noteworthy links for your Christmas afternoon perusal...

-Who has a better beard than Santa? These guys

-The secret to being a great boss. 

-New Year's Eve is around the corner and Paloma's post about holiday heels has me in the mood to glam things up.  I even ordered a Rent the Runway jumpsuit in preparation for the 31st!

-Who's listening to Season 2 of Serial?  I'm already hooked.  

-My new hero is 5th grade teacher Emily E. Smith, founder of the Hive Society. She's on a mission to give her students a different kind of learning environment that includes watching TED talks, analyzing infographics, and reading The Rolling Stone.  I love it when people are this passionate about their jobs.

-Go. See. This. Movie. Now.  I saw it last Sunday and it was SO good!

{image via Monika Hibbs, who officially wins the award for best holiday decor.  You go girl.} 


What say you? I'm all ears.

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