Monday, December 28, 2015

Needing, Wanting, Loving: Bullion Fringe

I am so glad to see that bullion fringe, a detail once thought to be stuffy and dated, is making a comeback.  Bullion is a type of trim made with rope-like twists of thread, often silk, that outline upholstery and occasionally draperies.  I have always felt that it gives a custom piece of furniture that extra bit of "oomph":  

{Bunny Williams}

Because it is often used in more traditional applications, I love the quirk of seeing it on modern pieces, like Liv Tyler's mod purple sofa:

And the tight-backed swivel chair in Lilly Bunn's apartment:

Designer Philip Gorrivan used it on a contemporary club chair, which I would never think to do.  I think this application is stretching it a bit, as I don't think this piece is refined enough for bullion to make sense.  Nevertheless, I love that Phillip went for it, and the entire Toronto home is worth a look.  

As I've blogged about before, Charlotte Lucas paired bullion with a quirky Quadrille fabric, and I love the pop of yellow tape to separate the two elements:

I LOVE the bullion fringe on this crushed velvet sofa designed by Sara Gilbrane.  This shade of turquoise is probably my favorite color to decorate with, and I love the moth painting by artist Allyson Reynolds:

While bullion is usually seen on upholstery, I love seeing it used on curtains.  Designer Alex Papachristidis uses it often on his draperies, and the result is gorgeous.  These may be some of my favorite draperies ever spotted:

So what's your take?  Do you like bullion or is it too traditional-feeling for you?

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