Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Winter Fashion

The weather in NYC has been oddly warm lately.  I keep bracing myself for the infamous New York winter everyone has warned me about, but in the meantime I'm enjoying my uniform of light jackets, dresses and flats.  To be honest I am so thankful my first introduction to the New York winter has been gradual and mild.  It's given me time to build a bit of a winter wardrobe (I moved here with 2 pairs of pants and 0 winter boots) and adjust my style to fit a colder, busier lifestyle.  I learned very quickly that heels are to be carried in your bag and put on once you get to work, dinner or wherever you are going.  I've also learned how to layer pieces and accessories to create a unique look with a few everyday basics.  Here are a few outfits I love that suit these (mostly mild) winter temperatures: 

I LOVE that over-the-knee boots are back in and think they look incredible with tunics/oversized sweaters and skinny jeans.  Capes and belted jackets are stylish alternatives to the typical puffy coat.

What winter pieces are staples for your wardrobe?

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